What aircraft does PFC fly?

PFC owns and operates two aircraft:

All of our aircraft are fully IFR equipped, with WAAS Garmin GPS, dual nav-comms, TIS and weather capability.

Where are the aircraft based?

The SMA C182 is based out of Caldwell (KCDW), and the G1000 C172 is based out of Linden (KLDJ).

Pilot requirements

  • Private pilot certificate, and one of the following:

    a) 150 hours total time, 75 hours PIC time, or;

    b) instrument rating, or;

    c) 12 hours of flight time in the last 90 days. Hours flown during the trial period count toward this requirement.

  • 5 hours in the NY high density area (or other similarly congested airspace)
  • New members will first fly the new-member check ride in the G1000 C172.  As part of that process, new members will go through the G1000 transition course.
  • The C182 requires a high performance endorsement, and additional training for SMA diesel engine operations.

What does it cost? (as of Aug 2017)

Buy-in: $3,500, returned on exit

Monthly dues which cover our fixed costs (insurance, tie-downs, etc.) are currently $127 per month.

Tach rates are:

  • C172 (G1000): $134 per Tach hour wet
  • C182SMA: $160 per Hobbs hour wet (the SMA tachometer behaves like a Hobbs meter)

Our rates include a portion that is set aside as reserves for maintenance/overhaul and future upgrades to our fleet. See the Affordable page of this site.

How are flights scheduled?

Bookings are made on-line, by either computer or touch-tone phone through our computerized scheduling service. With a ratio of up to 14 members per plane, you might think it would be difficult to make a booking. Not at all—a few days notice is generally all that’s needed to reserve the time you want. Naturally, if you want a plane for a full day, a weekend or longer, you should plan further ahead. To make sure every member gets a fair share of flying, club rules require that you limit yourself to 4 reservations points. Any booking up to 4 hours requires 1 reservation point. Any booking between 4 hours and 12 days requires 2 reservation points. A same day booking requires no points. Members have reservation points on a revolving basis—once a particular booking is complete, the points are returned automatically to you, and are available immediately for future bookings.

What about extended trips?

We allow our members to take aircraft up to 12 consecutive days (including one weekend). There are never any daily minimum requirements. Longer trips can be made with approval from the board.

Who runs the club?

Our club is entirely member run. Each year officers are elected. In addition, there are various positions that get filled to handle other duties that are required. We are fortunate to have a very talented group of people from all professions and walks of life. This diversity has helped make us one of the better run clubs in the country.

How is aircraft maintenance handled?

For each aircraft there is a “plane captain” who oversees maintenance as required. In addition, there is a Maintenance Officer who works with each of the plane captains. Together, they are responsible for ensuring that any needed work is performed promptly. A member who notices the need for a repair is expected to promptly enter the problem in an online “squawk list” on the online scheduling system. He must also notify the plane captain or maintenance officer. Any of our members can tell you that the club has never skimped on maintenance.

Can I work towards a higher rating?

Absolutely. The club has an extensive list of approved CFIs, and the club encourages its members to improve their flying skills. 75% of the membership is IFR rated, and many have gotten their instrument rating using club instructors and aircraft. Some members go on to earn further ratings—commercial, and even CFI.

Okay, I’m interested. What now?

Go to the Apply Now page, and contact us to secure your spot on the entry list, and one of us will follow up with next steps.