Current Fleet

68N_Aircraft_PageN4468N is a 1980 Cessna 182 Skylane owned and operated by PFC since 1996. In 2009, the aircraft was converted to a Jet-A fueled FADEC controlled SMA “Diesel” engine. In 2014, the club completely refurbished the interior of the aircraft, and upgraded the avionics to include an Aspen Evolution 2000 PFD&MFD and STEC 55X autopilot. The aircraft sips fuel, consuming just 7.5 gallons-per-hour at cruise, and boasts a phenomenal 1,100 nm range with reserves.
89Q_aircraft_pageN6189Q is the newest addition to the PFC fleet—acquired by the club in November of 2010. The 2008 model year Cessna 172SP features the latest G1000/GFC700 avionics. The avionics provide unprecedented situational awareness to the pilot for greater safety and efficiency, while carrying passengers in comfort.