CarrolAnn Garratt Talk a Great Success

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Last Wednesday (July 9), the Paramus Flying Club and the North Jersey Chapter of the 99s hosted an evening with CarrolAnn Garratt—the current world record holder for circumnavigating the world in a Mooney.


CarolAnn criss-crosses the country giving talks on her experiences with three flights around the world, while raising funds for ALS Research.



CarolAnn was a dynamic and engaging speaker, and her stories were fascinating.DSC01349

She kept the rapt attention of a hangar full of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, who asked many questions long after the talk was over and  late in to the evening.


Overall the event was a great success, raising over $1,200 for ALS research.

Thanks to C&W for graciously opening their hangars to us, and providing us with their world famous chili and refreshments.


Annual Dinner Event: CarolAnn Garrat “Flying Around the World in a Single Engine Plane”

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The Paramus Flying Club and the North Jersey Chapter of the Ninety-Nines are please to present CarolAnn Garrat.

Flying Around the World in a Single Engine Plane

Date: Wednesday July 9, 2014
Time: 5:30pm Gourmet Dinner & 7:00pm Presentation
Place: C&W Aero Services Hanger (KCDW), 19 Wright Way, Fairfield NJ

CarolAnn Garrat is a pilot, author and world record holder.  She has circumnavigated the world three times, and has set the world record for circumnavigation of the world in a single engine airplane in 8 1/2 days.

The presentation will be preceded by a “gourmet dinner” of C&W’s world famous chili and hot dogs.

CarolAnn gives presentations about her world flights to raise awareness and donations for ALS (Lou Gehrig’ s disease) research. Her mother died of this neuro-degenerative disease in 2002. Since that time CarolAnn has raised over $400,000 to help researchers find a treatment for this terminal disease. She has written a book about each of her flights. The proceeds from a $20 donation for a book go 100% to research. She recoups no expenses.

The event is open to the public. Please register online at

Reminder: June Monthly Meeting

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Time: 8pm, Thursday June 5
Place: NJ Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum

This evening’s meeting is our annual finance meeting. This is your opportunity to find out how our rates get set, and what it takes to keep a fleet like ours running. If you are curious about the club’s finances, or about the general costs and considerations of aircraft ownership, don’t miss this meeting.

Also, Felix will be leading the meeting of the Teterboro Chapter of the IMC Club.

Doors open at 7:30pm. Refreshments will be provided. As always, the meeting is open to the public.

Dinner flight to KOXC

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A sampling of photos from a recent trip for dinner to Oxford (KOXC) from the flight there and back at dusk.

The flight was conducted in N4468N.  This was a VFR flight underneath the NY Class B airspace, to just north of the White Plains (HPN) Class Delta, and then Direct, with VFR Flight following.




 Tappan-Zee Bridge




Oxford Airport / 121 Restaurant

IMG_8525IMG_8518 IMG_8529


Return Flight

IMG_8563 IMG_8581IMG_8579IMG_8568   IMG_8604 IMG_8609IMG_8501 IMG_8617

Wake Turbulence, Close Calls, ADM and Fixations

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Here’s an interesting and instructive video: how hairy the wake counter from even a Dash-8 can be, how close calls happen, and a student pilot exercising good judgement and working with ATC.  Instructive all around.

Speaking of close calls, just a reminder about proper scanning technique.  We were all warned not to focus too much on one part of the sky when scanning for potentially conflicting traffic because of a thing called motion blindness.  Here’s a very cool demonstration of that effect:

June Monthly Meeting — Budgeting and Finance

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Date & Time: Thursday June 5, 2014 @ 8pm
Place: NJ Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum (KTEB)

The June meeting will be our annual budgeting and finance meeting.  We will go over the expenses for each of our aircraft, and set the monthly dues and hourly tach rates for the coming year.

This is a great opportunity to learn what is involved in keeping a fleet like ours going.

As usual, the doors to NJAHOF will open at 7:30.  Refreshments will be provided.  The meeting is open to the public.  So if you are a prospective member and are interested in finding out how we manage our finances, this would be a great opportunity to come find out.

N4468N Returns from Upgrade

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N4468N is back from a major upgrade to its avionics and interior.

The panel for N4468N was completely upgraded to include:

  • Aspen Evolution 2000 PFD/MFD system
  • STEC 55X autopilot
  • Garmin 330ES transponder with traffic
  • Garmin 430W GPS
  • XM weather
  • 406MHz ELT

The folks at Lancaster Avionics did a fantastic job, with great attention to detail.  For example, the AI on the PFD and backup vacuum driven AI are perfectly aligned.

The interior is completely refinished in rich leather.  Top Stitch Aviation did a great job with the carpet to headliner overhaul of the interior.

Feels like we have a brand new plane.  N4468N has always been a special plane, with its SMA Jet-A engine and 1,100 mile range.   It’s capability as a serious cross-country machine, that is “significant other friendly” just went up a few notches.

68N-268N-3 68N-4 68N-5 68N-8 68N-768N-6

January General Meeting

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Time: Thursday January 9 @ 8pm
Location: NJ Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum

On this month’s agenda:

  • Updates on N4468N upgrade
  • Presentation of two Air Safety Foundation scenarios by member Felix Khazin

As usual, the doors open at 7:30pm.  The meeting is open to the public.

December General Meeting

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Time: Thursday, December 5 @ 8pm
Location: NJ Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum

This months meeting focuses on internal club business.  Of particular importance is the election of a new board for the next year.  Updates on the progress of N4468N upgrades.

As usual the doors open at 7:30pm.  The meeting is open to the public.

November General Meeting with Aspen Avionics

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Time: Thursday, November 7 @ 8pm
Location: NJ Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum @ KTEB

As N4468N heads out to Lancaster to have its avionics upgraded with the Aspen Evolution 2000 system, PFC will host Peter di Fanti from Aspen Avionics.  Peter will be giving us a demonstration and tour of the Aspen system. This really is a must for all members, the presentation will include a hands on simulator of the Aspen Evolution 2000 dual screen PFD & MFD for all to try out.  This should also be interesting to members of the aviation community contemplating an Aspen upgrade.

As usual, the doors to the museum open at 7:30pm.