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The Paramus Flying Club has openings for pilots. Inquire today!

Request more information

  • Please call us at (347) 7-FLY-PFC (347-735-9732) and leave a message or email us at Our membership team will promptly get back to you.
  • Club general meetings are open to the public and held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30PM at the Teterboro Aviation Hall of Fame Museum. Please contact us to confirm in case of a venue change!

The membership process

  • Candidates will be asked to meet with our membership committee. This provides the opportunity for the board to answer any questions the candidate might have regarding the club and its operations, and it offers the club a chance to get to know the candidate. It also gives the candidate the opportunity to meet with the people who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club.
  • After the meeting and assuming both the club and the candidate decide to proceed, the candidate pays the buy-in and first month’s dues, and starts his/her 60 day trial period beginning on the first of the following month with “dual” privileges.

The sixty day trial period

  • When you are first admitted to the club, you start on a risk-free 60 (sixty) day trial membership. This allows you to experience PFC, and decide for yourself if the club is for you.
  • During this trial period, either you or the club can terminate your membership at any time.
  • If your membership terminates during this trial period, your full equity contribution plus whatever monthly dues you have paid will be refunded in full. You will be responsible for only the charges related to actual flying you’ve done during this period.
  • The trial period terminates, and you becomes a full member with all the associated responsibilities and privileges, at the earliest of:
    • 60 days since the date of admission, or;
    • You pass the club checkride with a club CFI and gain solo flight privileges (The checkride is to Private Pilot PTS, regardless of whatever additional ratings you might hold), or;
    • You exercise your vote as a member in a general meeting.