Why PFC — Selection of Aircraft

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FBOs and flight schools have one mission—train pilots and do so profitably. This means that they typically only have aircraft that are suitable for training (e.g. a basic Cessna 172s). Moreover, having a uniform fleet means lower costs, so they typically have only one type of plane (again, typically a basic Cessna 172). While the basic C172 may be great for training, if you are thinking about a real cross country trip, you might want something more.

You might want a little bit more room in the cockpit for the comfort of you and your passengers. You might want glass avionics for better situational awareness. You might want a little bit more payload. You might want a little bit more range. Or just a little bit more speed.

At PFC we recognize that our members want to use planes for different things. If you want to train for an advanced rating, burn holes in the sky, or travel to an unfamiliar airspace with the situational awareness the latest avionics brings, our new G1000 C172 is just the ticket. If you want to take your entire family plus some bags in relative comfort or if you are going far, take our SMA FADEC Diesel C182 that will go 1100 miles on a single tank. In short, you can choose the plane to suit your mission.

We are constantly exploring ways to improve the versatility of our fleet, but at the same time we try to keep our fleet as uniform as possible.

We stick to Cessna aircraft because of the reliability of their design and its serviceability (it helps to keep costs down), and because of their legendary predictability and docility in flight. We also stick to Cessna aircraft to ensure the transition to our high performance aircraft are painless as possible for our members.


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